About The Brand

COZY CRIBS is a new born baby of a long awaited dream of 5 years. We at cozy cribs try to make your dreams come true of having a baby bedding or a cushions or a quilt anything you say can be made, we use finest quality of cotton and polyester fiber for fillers. we make crib bedding sets, quilts, dohars, swaddles, cushions, play-mats. Its completely designed from scratch and manufactured in Raipur!!

We started in April 2019, we are manufacturers of baby beddings cushions a complete manufacturing unit based in Raipur CG

What motivated me was the babies, I am super excited to be with the babies, their innocence, their smile and the best part is their softness and comfort they give you, their smile is the best thing because we forget everything when they smile. So I work to make them smile and give them the comfort they want.

Product Range

The product range and the thought behind making every single product is different, and that plays the key factor of our business, thought process and the work we put behind every single piece we make is in a different way and it reflects in each of our product. The effort and time to make a product with Hygiene and high quality material is our main moto.